ECED 4313: Finding Full Text Articles

Today’s instruction is mainly going to focus on searching skills using the major NSU databases.  We will take a look at how to navigate the library home page, as well as give you valuable information as to how to contact your librarian for research assistance.

The following banner is a link to a tutorial that you may use to refresh yourself on the ideas and topics that we discussed today in class.


Some links of interest, which we will be discussing in class:

The NSU Library Homepage: this link will conect you to all the databases discussed in class today, as well as many other resources.

EbscoHost Databases: Remember, if you are connecting to this database from off campus, you will have to authenticate by entering your user name and password.  This link will take you to the database selection page where you will be able to choose which database you would like to search in.

Wilson Education Full Text:  This link will also require authentication if you are connection from off campus.  This link will direct you to the advanced search in the Wilson Databases- if you would like to select different (or multiple) databases, choose to open the database selection area at the top of the page.

If the links to Ebsco or Wilson do not work, use the NSU Library Homepage to access those databases.

Some other links of interest when searching on the Web:

The Librarians Index to the Internet: A good alternative to Google, The Librarian’s Index to the Internet is a site set up to provide you with valid information and websites that you can trust.


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