Tuesday Two.Oh! Tools for Business Students and Small Businesses

You should always think about what sites you sign up for- and if you don’t think you’ll use a site listed here, don’t sign up for it. These posts are not meant as an endorsement of any singular site or tool, but they are meant to alert you as to what may be out there to make your life easier. It’s your decision to follow any of these links.

For our first Tuesday Two.Oh! we will be discussing the community site:


From the site: “LittleEngine is not so much a web presence as it is an online community that is driven by the very people that take part in it’s experience. The goal of LittleEngine is to simply replicate the very actions that people demonstrate on a daily basis: locating small businesses that can provide them with the products or services they need. We facilitate this by providing the resources to find and check out businesses that might have been unknown to consumers and business owners alike. LittleEngine provides the tools for business owners to reach out to consumers and consumers to find businesses that satisfy their interests.”

One of the interesting aspects of this site will surely be the local listings.  An easy search for “74403” lead to several listings of local (Broken Arrow) businesses that have joined the site.  You can search for any nation-wide zip-code here.

An example of a zip-code search:

little engine 4

Here’s what the results page will look like:

little engine 5

If a business has signed up to be a part of this web community, you can look at their profile page. If you are the owner of a small business you can sign up for an account and display photographs, a map to your location, your address, and many other tidbits that will entice new customers. Your profile page will look something like this:


A search from the homepage can also hook a user up with local businesses within a zip-code. These businesses do not necessarily have to be “member” businesses. These non-member entities will only have a listing similar to what you might find at YellowPages.

A search for businesses involved in food in the 74403 zip-code will look like this:

little engine 2

And the results will come back like this:

little engine 3

In closing we might want to think about the networking potential with a site like this. Entering your business’ profile could potentially bring in new clients interested in patronizing local shops and stores owned by people in the area. This might also provide you with the importunity to meet other people who own small businesses.

Websites all depend on their users- if you join a site, make sure you are being represented in a way that is desirable to new clients.



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3 responses to “Tuesday Two.Oh! Tools for Business Students and Small Businesses

  1. What a cool technology! Such wonderful application if you can get the participation!

    Thanks. I also like the idea of “Tuesday Two.Oh!” Very catchy!

    Tom R.

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  3. There are a few sites for business other than the main standard news website. There are a few that offer a little more including articles (other than their own), tools, gadgets, and generally keeping you up to date. Its worth signing up to a few as that extra piece of information may be crucial to you.

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