Tuesday Two.Oh! Tools for Educators and Students

You should always think about what sites you sign up for- and if you don’t think you’ll use a site listed here, don’t sign up for it. These posts are not meant as an endorsement of any singular site or tool, but they are meant to alert you as to what may be out there to make your life easier. It’s your decision to follow any of these links.

The next tool we’ll be taking a look at for Tuesday Two.Oh! will be of interest to teachers and students alike:


This tool will bring to mind notions of Blackboard for those familiar with that tool.  A small difference is that Engrade is a free tool, provided free on the web.  Once you have signed up for the account you are asked to set up your classes, and I will walk you through what that will look like below.

A tool like this could be very beneficial to you as an educator.  When we teach classes there is a lot of information to keep track of- attendance, assignments, tardiness, and general student attitude.  Engrade offers a seemingly instant update for all of these items.  There’s even a comment section for an educator to keep track of their opinion of a students daily attitude.  I think that if this site can maintain privacy, it has the potential to be extremely useful to educators, students, and their parents.

If you choose to set up an account, the first thing you’ll be asked to do is set up your classes.  You can name your class any way you would like, but most of us would likely choose names that makes sense.  For instance, if you teach 3rd grade math, name your class as such.  It will also ask you to name each of the students in your class.  This is so that all the names will be entered in automatically when your grade book has been created.  It will look like this:

<img src=”engrade 4

Once you’ve entered that information, Engrade wants you to choose how your students are graded.  You can decide the grade scale as provided by Engrade, or it’s also possible to create your own grading scales.  It will look like this:

engrade 5

The customizability doesn’t end there.  Once you’ve chosed your gradescale, move on to choose how you would like the grades to be weighted.  You can set the weight, or opt to not weight the grades at all.

engrade 6

After you’ve finished entering your class information, there are a lot of other options.  Engrade has a calendar which can be shared with your students once they log on.  There are also sections to manage comments and attendance.

engrade 7

Directions for your students to log on can easily be found on the home page, as well as much more information for administrators and teachers.  Students will be able to log on, see their grades and comments, but will not be able to manipulate the information.


If you think that this is a tool that you might be able to use, I encourage you to watch their twelve minute tutorial video. There you will find more detailed information about the site, and how to manage your classes.


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  1. This looks very interesting. Probably not for me, but I can definitely see the benefit for teacher-types.

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