Tuesday Two.Oh! Tools for Presenters, Students, and Teachers.

Tuesday Two.Oh! is not meant as an endorsement, but as an exploration of the tools that are out there. Click at your own risk. 🙂

This Tuesday’s Two.Oh! is all about PowerPoint. I realize that when most of us think about PowerPoint, we’re not exactly thinking of the future. But, the truth is many of us still use this powerful tool in order to display information during a presentation at a conference, as an aide during teaching, and as a school assignment. The problems in the past always seemed to revolve around PowerPoints excessive file size. They’re hard to email and difficult to publish as a webpage using the given software.

There are several sites out there offering support for web-based PowerPoints. The site we’ll discuss today is SlideServe. Click the banner below to go to the site:


Creating an account with SlideServe is very easy. You will be asked to choose a username, password, and enter an email address. An email confirmationwill be sent out with a link for you to follow, and once that is done you will have an account with SlideServe. As with most of the sites we’ve looked at, logging into SlideServe is simple, and will look like this:


Once you’ve logged on, you are looking at your homepage. Here’s where you will find your “stats.” This reflects how many presentations you have uploaded, how many views those presentations have gotten, and what your friend numbers are. This site acts socially, like many other sites you can choose to be friends with other SlideServe users. However, if your presentations are public, then you can share them with anyone by providing them with a link or embedding the slide into your blog or webpage.

The homepage looks like this:


Similar to other sites, your profile on SlideServe is customizable. You can upload a picture and fill out your professional and personal data. As I have not filled out my profile, the following picture will represent what it will look like when you edit your profile. This process is easy and straight forward.


One of the things I especially liked about the site was the navigation. I felt that the tabs were easy to use and easy to understand. Clicking on ‘Community‘ brings you to a list of other users of the website. Likewise, if I clicked on ‘Categories‘ I would be given a page of the different types of presentations uploaded to the site.

There is an option to make your presentations private. When you’re setting up your profile, you can choose for any presentation to be private. Also, when uploading you have the choice to privatize. One of the things you might want to keep in mind is that unless you disable your presentations from being free to be embedded on other websites, your presentation can be grabbed by anyone. Now, a lot of us like to share our information, but we also want to make sure that authorship is represented. Make sure that your preferences reflect your comfort levels.

You’ll notice that the post below this one is a PowerPoint presentation that I uploaded to SlideServe. When you’re on the SlideServe site, you can choose to share your presentation in many social media sites, including MySpace, Facebook, and WordPress.

If you’re curious, please take a minute to take a look at my brief SlideServe tour.

PowerPoint will continue to be a method of sharing information: but now the opportunity to share your work on the web with sites like SlideServe is growing. Sending large files won’t be necessary if you can just send a link, and in my opinion that could save a lot of trouble.



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