Tuesday Two.Oh! A site for Puzzlers and Photography Lovers.

Tuesday Two.Oh! is not meant as an endorsement, but as an exploration of the tools that are out there. Click at your own risk. šŸ™‚

Today on Tuesday Two.Oh! we will be taking a bit of a fun detour. It is my last Tuesday at Northeastern State University, and I felt like highlighting something fun. That said, I really really enjoy jigsaw puzzles. And that’s what we’ll be talking about today. We’ll be taking a look at National Geographic’s “Your Shot.”


From the site: “National Geographic invites interested parties to submit a digital photograph for possible publication in National Geographic magazine and on ngm.com. To submit a photograph on a topic of your choosing for possible posting on ngm.com and possible publication in an upcoming issue of National Geographic, click Submit Your Photo and follow the step-by-step directions on that page. We will accept submissions beginning on the 15th of every month. NGS retains full editorial control over the selection of, and the decision not to select, any particular photograph for publication.”


Your Shot is essentially a collection of user-submitted photographs that are highlighted on the website, as well as monthly in the physical magazine. As a user you can upload photos, or you can vote on the photos that others have submitted. The winner gets published. It’s a really interesting site, full of puzzles, wallpapers, blogs, and beautiful photographs.

We won’t be exploring the entire Your Shot section of the National Geographic website, but rather focusing in on some of the more interactive features- like these:


First, let’s take a look at “Submitting Your Shot.” To do this, you will have to create a free account with National Geographic- which will give you access to the website.

Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, you will upload your picture from your computer in the usual way. Once you have done that you will see a display similar to this:


Using my own uploaded pictures, I can create jigsaw puzzles, slide and memory puzzles and share them with whomever I would like through their email share link. As of yet, I haven’t noticed a “Share on Facebook” (or any other social media) link.

The next feature of Your Shot you may find interesting is the “Daily Dozen.”


The Daily Dozen is a collection of twelve photographs chosen by the editor as the most outstanding of the day. If you choose to do so, you can click on the “Voting Machine” and rate each of the photographs.

Now, let’s take a look at the puzzle section of Your Shot. Here, all of the photographs that have been selected to be in the Daily Dozen are transformed into puzzles.


From the menu, you choose the picture of which you would like to create the puzzle. Once you’re in the puzzle itself, you can change the preferences (puzzle piece size, background, etc.). There are some really stunning photographs, and I have found that many of the puzzles can be quite challenging. That said, most puzzles take around 12 minutes to solve. Here is an example:


There are other puzzles available, including a Match Game:


As well as Slide Puzzles:


The last thing we’ll look at on the Your Shot site is the Wallpaper section of the site. I will admit that I use this site for wallpaper regularly.


Just to give you an example of the range of photography you can find using this site, I have had everything from a bright orange owl’s eye to humming birds and seascapes. My current wallpaper looks like this:


In closing this is one of my favorite sites to visit when I have some extra time, or need to think but keep myself busy. In my home jigsaw puzzles are rarely a reality due to overly curious felines, and so I find the puzzles on this site to be satisfying and beautiful. There is the instant gratification factor of being able to finish a puzzle in one sitting, and rewarding because many of them are far from easy.

I hope that you enjoyed this indulgence into puzzles and photographs today.

As always, thoughts and comments are encouraged and welcomed.



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