No two.oh! today…

It’s a bummer, I know. I’ve yet to complete a full week here at Oklahoma City University Law Library- and I already have my hands full.

Next week I will happily be back on the two.oh! tip, but for now bare with me.

If you’re new to brownez @ the library, some of the topics we’ve covered are QR Codes, History 2.0, Health 2.0, Online meetings, and much much more.

Feel free to check out the archives, or leave me a comment if you have ideas or new tools you would like me to check out and cover.

Till next week….



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3 responses to “No two.oh! today…

  1. Okay, if we must . . . glad to hear you are busy (we wouldn’t want you to be bored); I hope that all is going well with the new job and look forward to your next tip — you provide some great stuff — keep up the good work.

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