Tuesday Two.Oh! 2.0 Suicide, tools for those of us who have had enough.

Tuesday Two.Oh! is not meant as an endorsement, but as an exploration of the tools that are out there. Click at your own risk. 🙂

Today on Tuesday Two.Oh! I’d like to welcome you guys back with a dose of reality. Sometimes people have just had it with the social networks (what!?!?!) and would like to live a simple, un-pokeable life. Today we’re going to talk about a site that will help you do that without having to go through any lengthy de-registration process. Today we’ll be talking about The Web 2.0 Suicide Machine.

From the site: “Liberate your newbie friends with a Web2.0 suicide! This machine lets you delete all your energy sucking social-networking profiles, kill your fake virtual friends, and completely do away with your Web2.0 alterego. The machine is just a metaphor for the website which moddr_ is hosting; the belly of the beast where the web2.0 suicide scripts are maintained. Our service currently runs with Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and LinkedIn! Commit NOW!”

While I like the idea of committing web 2.0 suicide, I’m just not ready to do that yet. So, I decided to create some dummy accounts. Here we have 123FakeTweet (My humble homage to The Simpsons), and Zee Zee Jacobs (I’m going to go with Flamenco Dancer on this one).

So, to kill my fake Twitter and Facebook accounts I need to select which social network is going to drink the kool-aid.

Then, the logo of your hated social network will appear in the circle in the middle of the screen.

Then all you have to do is “Commit” and enter your user name to start the process.

And here is where I started running into problems. At first I could not get the 2.0 Suicide Machine to even take my account information (you can’t hit enter more than once), and I would get a message saying that their suicide booths (here “machines”) were currently busy and to try again later.

So, I tried again later with Zee Zee’s account. And….SOMETHING HAPPENED! It actually accepted Zee Zee’s account.

Be Forewarned, if you want to watch your social network life die, you need Flash Player 10.

Zee Zee went from the famous no-face on her Facebook account to this:

I am imagining that if I check back later it’s possible that the profile will have been deleted. I did not upload the pink noose picture, which leads me to believe that the 2.0 Suicide Machine was successful in accessing my account- at least on some level.

I have not been so lucky with 123FakeTweet. Maybe it’s an omen, and I’ll keep it. It wasn’t meant to die. We shall see.

Overall, I thought the site had a fun, albeit slightly kafkaesque feel to it, it had it’s fair share of problems. The more often you try to kill your online alter-ego, the less the 2.0 Suicide Machine seems to work. If you do decide to take that plunge, please let me know if it was worth it.





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4 responses to “Tuesday Two.Oh! 2.0 Suicide, tools for those of us who have had enough.

  1. Sandra

    A 15 year old high school girl from Western MA committed suicide after being bullied on Twitter, Facebook and in person. She had recently moved here from Ireland and the bullying was relentless. Sometimes for some people, these social sites are not good. Sometimes it gives really mean people the opportunity to do what they otherwise wouldn’t do face to face — I guess it’s called cyber bullying.

  2. brownez

    I’ve heard some about this topic- but this is more about deleting your online self, not about actual suicide.

    I think when it comes to teenagers, parents should be aware of these sad instances of the social web being used as a vehicle for abuse. I am VERY thankful Facebook was not around when I was in highschool- kids just don’t think about what can follow them around.

    While I appreciate your concern and your worry, this post was meant for folks who have just had enough of the social web and want to delete their profiles.

    NPR did a story on it. Listen to it here:


    • Sandra

      Yes, I listened and I know that this was not your intention but just another aspect of social networking whether meant to be or not.

  3. What a very interesting site. Just yesterday I was thinking that I was too plugged in . . . eerie timing! Of course, I too am not considering this, but it is good to know that I could if and when I so desire. Thanks.

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